Friday, May 20, 2011

The Essence of Me

Unpainted toes, earth-tones, and rainbows
a momma’s stare, her coiled hair blows
in the wind…Progression in its most humble form…
She’s weathered the storm.
Emerging to witness her own essence
to some it doesn’t make sense
that she can see through rose colored glasses accompanied by incense.
And now that the smoke has cleared,
moments of peace, love, and laughter have appeared.
She prays, and close she stays, sustained and understands
sweet mists of grace followed by inspiration from above
She carries a heart filled with a “Big Love”
and a tall order to heal and grow…sometimes its slow
but the lessons from being “Open” during her return,
have been learned.
Creating enterprise in “good” faith…as it should be
While present in this blessed moment of her journey
This is the essence of Me(amya).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Celebrating Transformation

This past year has been more than enough to write about. I am simply going to ease back in to posting, changing, and rearranging this blog to fit my transformation and hopefully yours. I have a lot to share in regards to my personal growth, faith, projects, business, 50lb weightloss, and accidentally finding my biological father at the age of 33. Remember, it is ok that sometimes you have to sprawl before you can crawl back to sustainability. You have the power to "Stand up" everytime you fall, "Breathe", and "Go Get It" ~ The Floacist...


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Mother's Inspiration

I grew up listening to the smooth sounds of Sade
My mother reminded of those songs
Beautiful and strong
Smooth and sweet …
Not backing down from any challenge she had to meet
With her daughters tucked under her mighty wing
It was a colorful ride, she was a warrior, wore a crown, and when she spoke
Words of wisdom painted the picture, she is a visionary, woke
Transforming, creating, and shaping
Divine nature that is only suitable for a king
Flawless black skin two shades too dark
For the south so they said… censor her mouth!
Because she was and is the truth
And because she would allow me to be free
To realize, recognize, and spiritualize my existence
It would mean that I could follow my destiny
No matter what the world thinks of me
Mother, mother earth, the epitome of woman, black woman
You are my mother and my inspiration, I love you.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Forest for the Trees

Consumed by consumerism
drowning in seas of fake identities
and hopeless disparities
unable to see realities
that are compromised by shoes and weaves

Too busy for your own good
chasing the ghost because they said
you should

Running away from the voice
that says you have a choice

The thing u tried to hide
is emerging from deep inside

Divine DNA
is calling you to wake up today

it is all an illusion,
so what is the confusion

really all about?...

Do you not know who you are?

an immaculate conception
hidden in the walls of deep deception

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Expectations of a Nemesis

What did you expect from me?
I've already told you what I can not be.

But what I will always be is...

The love you could not reach,
The lesson you could not teach,
The problem you can not solve,
and the issue you can never resolve.

I will always be

The best sex you never had
The never happy, always sad or mad.
The time you could not keep
and the dead weight when you try to take a leap
of faith....

I'v already shown you what I can not be
and what your expectation mean to me

I will always go against your grain
just to cause you pain

Yes, I have made you my nemesis, I don't know why
and If you asked me, I could not lie

So what what did you expect from me?
I have told you before to just let me be me.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Evolution of You, Always Follow Your Spirit

I have let a few weeks pass since my last post. Partly because I am experiencing some new, profound, and life changing events in my personal life. I was waiting for the right words to write the words of my expressions.

I can start by saying that life is a little tricky and it wouldn't be worth it if we knew everything. It can be beautiful if we allow ourselves to evolve in every situation, no matter if it is good or bad. However, it is often very difficult to see the light at the end of a tunnel, especially when we have been travelling in the dark for so long. My motto for life's journey is to follow your spirit, it doesn't lie.

A lot of times, we are holding ourselves back by holding on to something that is obviously holding us back. In our own determination, we tend to persist that things, people, and situations belong in our lives, even though they have proven over and over that they do not belong because they are not good for our evolution. But yet we are afraid to let go and it doesn't matter how many times have we heard "When a door closes another opens" we don't believe it.

Who would have guessed that I would have found my real father at the age of 32 over the past few weeks. By following my spirit, I have been afforded this opportunity to open a new door for the purpose of evolution. I feel blessed, excited, and thankful for the opportunity.

Nothing ever happens by accident, whether we realize it or not. Evolving means to grow, develop, mature, and change. This comes with occasional surprises because evolving is ever changing. No, it is not always easy to open doors of opportunity while closing doors that are not to proceed in the next step of our evolution. In fact,we as human beings do not always understand why certain events have to occur that provoke pain, confusion, and unrest in our minds for a time. In my situation, new doors are opening, others are closing, questions are answered, I am evolving. I am grateful.

Be You...Conscious!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sankofa Vision Inspiration

My fellow conscious and green friend Leia Lewis, founder of Sankofa Vision Inc. a community based organization organized in 2004 located in Shreveport, LA. Sankofa Vision, Inc. is working to make green and conscious education and benefits available to local residents who are primarily low income by celebrating and cultivating the art, culture, and community life of people of African descent.

Sankofa Vision offers programs to increase public awareness of the rich history and interconnected traditions of black people in Louisiana, the south, the
U.S.A., and throughout the global African Diaspora. These programs include:
organic gardening, performing arts, music, literature, cuisine, business, science, and spirituality.

Sankofa Vision Inc. plans to build a "Green School" designed by students Louisana Tech.

articles here:

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